Fox LaConti

Fox LaConti

My name is Fox LaConti, I am a Capricorn born January second, 1979. I was born in Columbus, Ohio under two loving parents, Henry and Bonnie.  A few months after I was born, my family moved north where I spent my adolescence in a small suburb called Independence, just twenty miles south of Cleveland.  Growing up, my father promoted many popular bands and I became a part of the family business.  Many of these famous bands got their start at the family’s establishment called “The Agora”.

Growing up, I steered away from sports and pulled most of my creative energies into such things as biology society, photo club, and other intellectual scholastic pursuits.  I was so influenced by my father’s work, I took up playing guitar (albeit still a novice,) music is a big part of my life and many classical rock and jam bands influenced my outlook on life and love.  I met a lot of very interesting people during my younger years.
I was content with my life but something was missing.. I had, with my family’s blessing, started cultivating cannabis at a very young age, (approximately 21), and quickly realized that the closed-minded policies of the Ohio government combined with the lack of interpersonal diversity that Cleveland had to offer, after graduating Kent State University with a major in English and a minor in writing, I came out to California to try my cultivation skills under a more liberal environment. 

Having spent ten years in the state of California, the last five of those ten years have been spent at my “second home”, ReLeaf Alternative Healing.  I made the choice to become a part of ReLeaf because I had interacted with many clubs in California and saw the dream ReLeaf had to offer- and desperately wanted to be a part of it.  

And so, I came in on the ground floor and, having personal experience (my father’s lifespan was extended significantly due to cannabinoid therapy), and seeing cannabis work for so many people, I became passionate about helping others explore alternative medical therapies for the various conditions cannabis has been proven to treat.

My experience varies from place to place, however I have cultivated cannabis for over 15 years on two continents in three countries.  I have seen the “Dutch Model” personally, for I have been to Amsterdam, Holland over two dozen times- many of those trips were before California’s Proposition 215 passed in November 5th, 1996.  Therefore, after the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act of 1996 I decided the time was right- the politics were going in a more progressive direction, and I decided to temporarily give up cultivation (as any serious growers know, it’s a full time job!) so that I could direct my energies into helping more people with information instead of simply supplying the medication.  
In summation, I have been employed since ReLeaf opened, five years later, I more than ever consider my co-workers and patients family and have no regrets – except for not meeting such a wonderful group of people sooner!  Happy Healing!


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