Happy Patients

These are reviews from our amazing patients who posted them on Yelp, Weedmaps and other websites.

Best in Vallejo Hands Down

This is what a MMJ collective should be like! Professional, knowledgeable, accessible, and above all good meds. The second you walk in you feel the difference between reLeaf and the other dispensaries. They don't have budtenders here they have Canna-techs. Inside it feels like a high class unobtrusive wine tasting bar. Security is good here and reLeaf is the only collective that is licensed by the city and the only one I know of with a great return policy.

Always a pleasure

Pallzley here, forgot how many times I've been to this place already, but check out my past review for this place because it still stands - in fact, I've seen some improvement on product selection, especially the variety of bud. These guys are up there, better than any collective in Vallejo or San Jose. it wouldn't surprise me if they became known throughout the bay area lol, rly wish I could be apart of their cause; ill always be a customer and acquaintance. That aside, just picked up a few things, one of which I just tried is the jack flash, oh man is it amazing. Im a racey sativa guy that needs to stay focused, and it did me just right. Ill be submitting a leafly review on that later.
Thanks again crew

Kind and Knowledgable

The guys in the back were so kind and knowledgable. For someone who hasn't used much cannabis in the past, they brought out exactly what my doctor recommended and even recommended other strains. They let me smell all of them and were helpful in getting me the right medicine. Thanks!
-Anne T.

Easy as that

So I popped into ReLeaf and got my freebie along with some Lemon Haze that I love and a new one to try, the Cindy 99. Gave the Cindy a shot or two and just didn't click with it. No fault of the buds, they are fine. It's a body chemistry thing. Brought back the original package and receipt and got exchanged on the spot. Beautiful! Had I made this same purchase a year ago with my old place? I'd just be stuck with things. With previous places, I often was. Nice to know they have the patients needs in mind & stand behind their products. Lee was right, that XJ-13 was some top shelf meds for certain! Thank you for the recommendation of that for my freebie! And thanks to the lovely guys who helped me out today also. You guys are always top notch across the board in my book.

Thank you

First time there & really appreciate the cleanliness & friendliness. Staff was friendly like family & made my first visit really easy! Thank you! Also product selection is sweet. Good vape selection & refills. No one gets 5 stars on price, but my first visit discount was pretty nice.


This place was great! With me being a first-timer there they treated me very professionally and the woman at the front desk is extremely nice. Please keep her!!! Love how their is a parking lot to park in with 2 guards in front. The place is very clean and the wait room has magazines and threads to read. Also got a goodie for being a first timer there! Definitely check them out. I will be returning.
-Khayana W.

Their policy cannot be beat

At ReLeaf, their FTP process was lightning fast and everything about the building looks professional, including the desk attendant. John B was my cannatech and he made sure I left with the proper meds, while being attentive and professional. At other places, some cannatechs can be really spacey and cant describe the bud well, this was not the case during my visit. Above all, their policy on being able to return medication that you believe was not up to your standard is what makes this place better than the others. This is the first place I have ever been to that has offered me that kind of an exchange policy. It is because of that policy that I am giving them such high of a rating. Been a cardholder for two years now and have tried many walk in dispensaries in the area. They all seem to be the same as each other at the end of the day. Some have beefier security, some may have a good deals (depending on the day), and some may have slightly better staff (depending on the day). It seems as though they are all the same, and it just comes down to luck. ReLeaf takes luck completely out of the equation. My only negative is their parking is lacking compared to other dispensaries in the area.

reLeaf for the win

I've checked out numerous dispensaries in Vallejo and ReLeaf is the one for me. The security guards outside and the staff inside are always very nice. The entire ReLeaf experience is very civilized and the products they sell are of the highest quality. I am very thankful that places like ReLeaf exist.

Quality & Compassion

I've been a MMJ patient for 3 years and a patient at ReLeaf for 2 years. During the year I was not a member here, I realized that all the previous dispensaries I've visited either had compassion but low quality, OR high quality with low compassion; never both at the same time. ReLeaf Alternative Healing is the ONLY dispensary in Vallejo that offers both! The staff here is extremely professional, patient, and compassionate. They are the epitome of high-quality service and what all other bud-tenders and dispensaries should strive to hold their standards at. **DUSTEN & RYAN** HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OF GREAT HELP TO ME! They both are very open to offering their opinions and assisting in looking for the best quality buds for your budget, AND are extremely patient with my indecisiveness, which I think has become a rarity in dispensaries. If you want to have high quality buds within your budget AND be treated like a human being (and not just another paying customer), ReLeaf Alternative Healing is the one! 5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARDS FOR RELEAF!!!

Friendly and Helpful

WOW! Where do I begin? This place is awesome. The ladies at the front are so friendly and helpful, they explained everything I needed to know and everything that this particular dispensary offered, from discounts, refund policies, safety procedures (they have security that will walk you to your car if you'd like), and how each visit would work. They even offered a free gift with the first visit!



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