Happy Patients

These are reviews from our amazing patients who posted them on Yelp, Weedmaps and other websites.

Kind and Knowledgable

The guys in the back were so kind and knowledgable. For someone who hasn't used much cannabis in the past, they brought out exactly what my doctor recommended and even recommended other strains. They let me smell all of them and were helpful in getting me the right medicine. Thanks!
-Anne T.

No complaints here

A great example of how any business should be run. The customer is truly #1. Love, compassion, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful smiles, not to mention the obvious excellent meds. ( I love their great selection of concentrates and edibles). Releaf just keeps getting better. Plus I know that if I'm not happy with a product, etc., I can just let them know. No problems just solutions. Thank you Releaf for coming to Vallejo to share your vision.

A Real Cooperative

These guys are second to none, they care about patients not money. They take great care or their vendors and have the most compassionate compassion program I have ever seen. Hopefully they figure out who wrote this. Thanks for all your help.

Top quality dispensary

Every time I've come to relief, since the beginning, they have treated me with upmost respect. Their facility is very clean, organized, and attractive. The receptionists are the nicest receptionists I've seen anywhere and are extremely helpful and courteous. I usually get great service from all cannatechs, especially Jeff. And the buds, always top quality, with plenty of options if don't want to spend a grip. My favorite dispensary by far.

Bud quality is top notch

My only knock and I'm really trying here is their prices are a tiny bit high but I do understand the high tax in Vallejo and ReLeaf obviously spent a lot of money in getting their staff and shop ready. Good thing is tax is included. I love you guys thanks for everything you guys do.
-Cali cannabis

A+++ Everything

I have been to a bunch of dispensaries but this place steps up all experiences! The receptionist was nice and detailed. Got to work with Dusten and he was very nice and helpful. Went above and beyond to help me decide on what was best suited to my needs. Found my new favorite dispensary!!


Decided to go to this dispensary based off of the reviews on Yelp. I needed to get some medicine as I was passing through the area and as I entered the facility I was greeted by two wonderfully professional, friendly, beautiful women. They got my information, invited me to enjoy their waiting area, which was full of information about different types of cannabis tons of different business cards and advertisements and very comfortable chairs if you decided to sit. Once my info was in, the gals directed me to the room where I met very friendly informative cannatech. He knew his products, he was friendly to all of the patients that were in the room, he was very attentive to each and every patient that I witnessed him working with. I got what I needed and I left and was completely blown away by the professionalism! Bravo!!
-May B.

Very kind!

Smiles when you enter, friendly and helpful staff while you're there, farewells when you leave! Love coming here, always a good experience and tons of selection! Highly recommended!

Friendly and Helpful

WOW! Where do I begin? This place is awesome. The ladies at the front are so friendly and helpful, they explained everything I needed to know and everything that this particular dispensary offered, from discounts, refund policies, safety procedures (they have security that will walk you to your car if you'd like), and how each visit would work. They even offered a free gift with the first visit!

A Very Pleasant Experience

First-timer here. It was a very pleasant experience here. The guy who helped me I want to say his name was Eric but I might be wrong. He was really nice, answered all my questions. I will be going back. Everything I got was on point. And I do have the option to return my stuff if I felt that it didn't do much for me. How cool is that? And next time I cross that bridge, just take the receipt and they will knock 5 bucks off your purchase. Will remember that next time.
-Julia G.



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